We Can Fix Your Leaky Vents and Ducts

Get the home ventilation repairs you need in Hightstown, East Windsor & Trenton, NJ

You don't want your home ventilation system to become clogged or broken. Jersey Appliance can take care of home ventilation repairs so you won't have to worry about vent issues. Our duct and vent services will improve the efficiency and fire safety of your home.

Request home ventilation repairs in the Hightstown, East Windsor & Trenton, NJ area today.

Think of us when you need washer and dryer repairs

Our laundry repair services are perfect for homeowners and property managers in need of washer and dryer troubleshooting. We’ll figure out what’s wrong with your appliances and make the necessary repairs. From dryer drums to dryer ducts, we can fix anything that’s wrong.

How do you know when you need washer and dryer repairs? Watch out for:

  • Water not draining from the washing machine
  • Your dryer taking too long to get clothes dry
  • Your washing machine making strange loud noises

Schedule laundry repair services today in Hightstown or East Windsor, NJ.

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