New Jersey Dryer Vent Cleaning and Rework

Jersey Appliance Inc. is the go-to New Jersey Dryer Vent Cleaning and Rework Repair Company. Did you know that cleaning the lint filter on your clothes dryer does not prevent lint build up in the dryer vent? Who knew? Almost fifty percent of the lint produced in clothes drying escapes past the filter and gets trapped in the exhaust vent pipe. When this happens your dryer can't do its job properly, and your clothes don't dry as quickly as they should. This will substantially increase your energy costs.

Safety! If the vent becomes extremely clogged, it can even become a fire hazard. If hot air cannot escape to the outside, the dryer will become excessively hot. A fire can result. Clothes dryers cause up to 15,000 house fires a year. Your dryer vent hose and pipe should be cleaned annually to maintain efficiency and prevent fire risks. Many HOA insist that you clean your dryer vent annually. You should contact us if.

  • It takes more than one cycle to dry a load.
  • Your clothes are too hot to touch after drying.
  • The lint screen doesn't capture any lint.
  • Your dryer shuts itself off unexpectedly.